Variety: MD2 / Sweet Gold

Colors skin:

  1. Totally green
  2. Center of eyes beginning to show some yellow
  3. Some eyes partially filled with yellow
  4. Most eyes partially filled with yellow
  5. All eyes continuing to fill with yellow color. Some green remains around outer edged of eyes
  6. All eyes filled with yellow. Only a trace of green around edges of eyes
  7. Totally yellow

Internal colors:

  1. Totally White
  2. Mostly white with a hint of yellow on the bottom
  3. Pale yellow near top, deeper yellow on bottom (white appearance has disappeared)
  4. Totally yellow
  5. Turning from yellow to a golden color, starting on the bottom
  6. Totally gold
  7. Patchy with a watery appearance (not a solid color)


Each carton weighs about 11,5kg. The size of the fruit is based on the weight of the fruit.

Country January February March April May June July August September October November December
Costa Rica